About General Conference

For people interested in watching General Conference online, click here

The following is written for 2012, although most of it still holds. The 2016 twitter hashtag is #umcgc, although be warned that weeds and wheat grow very closely together.


General Conference is the quadrennial (every four years) gathering of the United Methodist Church that makes decisions on behalf of the whole global church.  This year there will be nearly 1000 delegates from around the world who will be discussing issues like restructure, ordination, clergy health, the growth of the church outside of the U.S., justice issues, and the nature of our covenant as United Methodists.  While we have very strong opinions about many of the issues facing General Conference, this blog is for communicating the day-to-day life of a delegate, page, and monitor.  We will avoid expressing our personal opinions on the topics at hand although we may describe the challenges and debates.

Judi blogged about her experiences at the 2008 General Conference here.

This photo is copyright UMNS, but since it features Judi at GC’08, we’re posting it anyway! Head over to http://www.umc.org for more great coverage.

Our analysis of the 2008 NEJ Conference is here.

For non-Kenaston sources of information, we recommend the following:

United Methodist News Service (@UMNS and @GC2012) at www.umc.org or on twitter (#umc and #gc2012 and #umclead)

United Methodist Insight (@UMInsight) is an educational project to provide a single information source related to the 2012 General Conference for decision-makers http://um-insight.net

General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (@GCSRW) will be tracking church legislation and budget process that affect women and girls around the world.  Follow on Twitter (#gcsrw), facebook, website (www.gcsrw.org), and blog:

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