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A New Structure for a New Era (Social Principles, Part 1)

I spent a lot of time memorizing the 1996 and 2000 Social Principles. I needed to bolster my arguments with my high school boyfriend — a conservative Baptist on the debate team. Every time he brought up a social issue, I would go search … Continue reading

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Nevertheless, she…

“To say that God is not male or female is to deny the divinity of Jesus! It denies the Trinity!” Not true. My theologically orthodox seminary professor husband and I both got up on our annual conference floor to explain … Continue reading

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Hope in the Mountains

The UMC Family blog has been dormant for half a quadrennium! As we gear up for General Conference 2019 (and a 2018 annual conference revote on a constitutional amendment — which I will post on shortly), I (Diane) discovered a … Continue reading

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