Breathe. The Kin(g)dom will survive.

I regularly send e-mails to myself in the future at  This time last year, Past Me was particularly helpful in sending words of wisdom for General Conference (Past Me is so smart!), and as we move forward post-General Conference,* I hope it’s helpful for you too.
*If you would like to join the DreamUMC movement, I encourage you to participate in the #dreamumc tweet-up next Monday night.

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed 11 months and 30 days ago, on April 26, 2011. It is being delivered from the past through

Breathe.  The Kin(g)dom will survive.

Dear Self,

It’s General Conference time. You’re probably stressed. But in the scheme of salvation history, this little conference—with its politicking, drama, petitions, arguing, bickering, and injustice—is not going to make or break the *in-breaking of the kin-dom.*

Get some sleep. Don’t obsess. Be kind to your family. Love on your enemies, even those from the ___ Movement.


(Past) Diane

PS. Praying for the voices of global women!

PPS. How are Crossroads and Waverly?!?

For the record, I am really enjoying my time at Crossroads and Waverly 🙂

Mom comes to town tomorrow to lead a pre-conference workshop in the district.  I’m looking forward to seeing her outside of Tampa.  This spring we have only seen each other four times: once in Tampa for a pre-General Conference training, once at a conference leadership team meeting in WV, once at my aunt’s house for Easter afternoon (when the extended family re-hashed the Easter music and services at over five different churches… we sure know how to party!), and then at General Conference.  Thank goodness for the district meeting tomorrow and annual conference in a few weeks!  And thank God even more that we have plans for our annual mother/daughter backpacking trip this summer… it will be good to get outside instead of stuck at church meetings!

But for now it’s off to Church Council…

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1 Response to Breathe. The Kin(g)dom will survive.

  1. Sue Ann Salmon says:

    Church life is really hard on family life. Extended family you rarely see unless the funeral of a relative in common is on a day other than Sunday, or you are doing the funeral.

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