Breaking News! You should be watching live right now…

but if you’re not (or if you’re web-surfing while watching the General Conference Live Stream), here’s a quick recap followed by pictures/video:

Earlier this week, the General Conference enacted very hasty compromise legislation called “Plan UMC.”  My post on the subject went WV-level viral (meaning we got several thousand more hits on this blog than normal!).  Mom’s post, aptly titled “Friends, Finances, and Frustrations” is equally worth a read.  Tonight, hours before the GC is forced to leave the convention center (for another convention that will start tomorrow), the Judicial Council (the Judicial Council is vaguely like the U.S. Supreme Court) ruled this new Plan UMC unconstitutional.  Through action that is happening while I type, the original legislative proposals brought to GC by the boards and agencies themselves are going to be the way forward for the next four years. I am proud of the legislation that GCSRW and GCORR submitted, and I am eager for us to try the new structures that we proposed!

So we do, after all, get to celebrate the continuation of the justice and advocacy ministries for women and people of color!

So, Happy 40th Birthday, GCSRW!

My good friend Anna Guillozet (a pastor in the West Ohio Annual Conference) speaking at the Celebration Night for the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (GCSRW)

Anna and I were curly-haired roommates at GCSRW for the last four years.  We started out as laywomen in seminary and left as commissioned elders!  I am so grateful for her friendship.  When her plane would land first, Anna would rush to the nearest CVS and text me, “I bought us some hair gel!”  That was way cheaper than checking a bag, and we curly girls hafta have our gel!

Diane on the GCSRW 40th Anniversary Video

A collection of 40th Anniversary videos are available at the GCSRW website.  Caveat: these videos are not the one shown at GC because that one is being saved to be shown again at annual conferences around the world this summer. But the topic-oriented videos (on sexual abuse/harassment, global issues, leadership, advocacy, and the future) have way more information and anecdotes for your digestion.

Gen. Sec. Garlinda Burton with GCSRW President Bishop Dindy Taylor looking on

Betty Kiboko, Anna Guillozet and Bishop Dindy (on the big screen)

Here is the video on Global Issues facing women in The United Methodist Church:

Global Issues (GCSRW 40th Anniversary)

“My hope for GCSRW is that we expand exponentially…. so that we are able to continue reaching around the world with groups that are traditionally under-represented… I hope not everybody looks like me in the future!” – Diane, on the video from last summer

And tonight’s legislation does just that!

GCSRW 40th Anniversary Logo on the Big Screen

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